1. Commitment to Community

Uniplus Education has two sister companies dedicated to community service in the UAE and India.

AmbedkarGlobal and Pt. Deep Dayal Global Foundation

It is a part of the Uniplus Group, which promotes global leaders’ ideas for the good of the community. Dr. Ambedkar was an inspiring world leader born in India and is considered the father of the Indian Constitution and was an inspiring world leader born in India and is considered the father of the Indian Constitution. The main areas of work for this NGO in India and the UAE are:

  • Taking the ideas of equality and social justice to the world by celebrating the anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar and conducting seminars
  • Collaborating with international universities for embedding social justice and equality in their curriculum and having a chair in Dr Ambedkar’s name
  • Support and charity are provided to laborers working in India and the UAE by providing legal support and resolving or escalating any work-related or exploitation issues.
  • Services and support for maids and domestic help
  • Charity work

Few of our activities in last 3 years are mentioned below:


  • Details of Ambedkar Global :

Website: www.ambedkarglobal.com

Facebook/Twitter:  AmbedkarGlobalDubai

2. Commitment for Environment

Uniplus is leading to facilitate the emergence of new sustainable growth drivers and assist in the creation of more equitable and environmentally friendly development models, the Environment corporate goal of Uniplus is, “Creating together, with our clients, a brighter and more sustainable future through responsible and innovative financial solutions,” is centered on Commitment for Environment and we are positively working for the environment.

3. Commitment to Special Children

Education shall be accessible to all. And therefore, Uniplus Counsellors are trained on how to assist Students willing to study abroad but have physical or Autism related challenges. We work closely in this space covers multiple categories of disability and focuses on early intervention and  inclusive education for special children.

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