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  • Benefit from expert guidance throughout the entire study abroad journey.

  • Global network of institutions and partners, ensuring diverse program options tailored to individual preferences.

  • Track record of placing over 15,000 students in top-ranked institutions worldwide, including in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Dubai.
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About Us

Uniplus Education, founded in 1999, is a leading study abroad program provider for students in India and the Middle East. We specialize in facilitating admissions to top-ranked institutions globally, offering diverse programs tailored to individual preferences. Our mission is to create transformative study abroad experiences, empowering educators and engaging stakeholders to ensure equitable access to global education. Agility guides us, facilitating rapid responses to challenges and opportunities.

Uniplus guides students through every step of the study abroad journey, from program research to visa applications and beyond. With a track record of placing over 15,000 students in prestigious institutions worldwide, including those in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Dubai, we are committed to making dreams a reality. Our dedication to diversity extends beyond our team to include underprivileged, differently abled, and gifted students. Through our sister concerns, we contribute to environmental and community causes, embodying our core values of integrity, agility, Vedic principles, and inclusivity.


Uniplus offers comprehensive services to its stakeholders—students, parents, and school counselors—and partners, including universities, ministries, and sponsors.

For Our Stakeholders



School Counselors

For you, Uniplus delivers tailored services with years of proven credibility and helps you build the future, sharing your vision.

For Our Partners

International Universities

International Universities

Ministries and Sponsors

Uniplus is always an incredible link in the chain of collaborations to make education more accessible for everyone, with our diversified and cross-vertical partnerships.


United States

Experience world-class education and diverse cultural immersion in the land of innovation and opportunity.

United Kingdom

Dive into centuries of academic excellence while living amidst historical charm and modern cosmopolitanism.


Explore a dynamic hub of global commerce and innovation, offering world-class education amidst futuristic cityscapes.

New Zealand

Discover a world of opportunities in the safest place on earth. Experience top-notch education amidst stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures.


Unlock your potential in a land of academic excellence and adventure. Pursue your dreams in one of the world’s most welcoming and diverse countries.


Experience world-class education in the heart of innovation and luxury. Thrive in a global city known for its cutting-edge facilities and multicultural environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don’t charge anything from the final year students. However, we have premium services for students who are in grades 9 to 11 who require help with profile building for top universities across the world.

Yes, for deserving and meritorious students. Uniplus assists students in identifying and applying for scholarships to universities worldwide.

  • Yes, Uniplus provides IELTS test-taking services, including access to authorized facilities for testing, assistance with scheduling, and tutoring services to help students prepare for the exam.

Uniplus offers comprehensive support, including help with making personal statements, profile building, and access to a global network of students across Ivy League and Russell Group universities. Additionally, Uniplus can expedite application turnaround times.

Absolutely, Uniplus specializes in helping students find programs that align with their career goals, ensuring a customized educational experience tailored to their aspirations.

Yes, Uniplus provides comprehensive assistance with the documentation required for a student visa, guiding students through the application process to ensure a smooth transition.

Uniplus offers assistance in arranging accommodation during your studies, providing guidance and support to help you find suitable housing options near your chosen university.



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