Study in UK

Studying in the UK can be an exciting and enriching experience for international students. The UK is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities and offers a wide range of academic programs.

Steps to study in UK

2.1 Research universities and programs: Research the universities and colleges in the UK and find the programs that best match your academic interests and career goals. You can start by looking at university rankings, academic programs, and admission requirements.

2.2 Meet admission requirements: Once you have selected the universities and programs you are interested in, you need to meet the admission requirements. These requirements vary depending on the university and program, but typically include academic transcripts, standardized test scores (such as the IELTS or TOEFL), letters of recommendation, and essays.


Tuition fee is GBP  800 – GBP  1,800 per month for General English, depending on the center living cost is GBP  580 – GBP  700 per month for homestay/residential accommodation

Tuition fee is GBP 9,000 – GBP 20,000 per year depending on the university living cost is GBP 1225 per month in the London Area GBP 1015 per month outside the London Areas

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